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Babylon Park

This weeks adventure was to check out Babylon Park in Camden!

The park is billed as an indoor space themed adventure and amusement park, we had a really good time and would definitely recommend it. It wasn't the cheapest day out so depending on your budget determines how often you can visit, but as a one off treat this is great.

All ages are welcome at Babylon park, and I think it does a good job of catering to different age groups

The venue is cashless and entry is free. All rides/attractions cost varying amounts of tokens. You can either download the Babylon park app and top up in the app, or at the venue they can give you a card in which you can put tokens on.

Token packages costed:

£15 – 144 game coins

£25 – 240 game coins & 60 bonus coins

£50 – 480 game coins, 144 bonus coins & 2 big ride coins

£99 – 960 game coins, 450 bonus coins, 5 big ride coins & 2 food coins

£250 – 2400 game coins, 840 bonus coins, 8 big ride coins and 6 food coins

Rides and attractions varied in price, an example of a few of the attraction costs are:

Arcade games: Between 9 and 32 game coins

Roller-coaster: 48 game coins

Babylon kids (soft play 3-10) – 80 game coins

Bumper cars: 32 game coins

The park is open every day from 10am-10pm. The nearest station is Camden Town

We got to the park shortly after opening and it was not too busy, and there was a lot to do. There are several rides, including a rollercoaster, and a drop tower. There are also bumper cars, soft play and lots of arcade style games.

There are a range of foods available such as pizza, hotdogs and nuggets available, and also it is ok for you to bring your own food in and eat at the tables available.

If there had to be any negatives, the only slight negative is that after paying for some of the arcade games I thought a few of them ended a little bit quickly.

Other than that it was a really good day out, and a really good place to go, particularly when the weather is bad.


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