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Nickelodeon World

We went to Nickelodeon World at Lakeside, we booked tickets online and they cost £14.95 for both me and Elijah. There is the option to just turn up, in which case child tickets are £14.99 (If under 90cm they go free) and adults cost £7.50. However, as they do online deals quite regularly I would recommend checking online first.

Also, Lakeside which is where Nickelodeon world is has lots and lots of free parking, which if you are a Londoner you will know is like gold dust.

I have seen really up and down reviews for this place and I am not sure why. We thought it was a great space. The area is split into three sections, Paw Patrol, Teenage Turtles and Sponge Bob. I would say though that it will be more appealing to younger kids, up to about 8 years old.

The Paw Patrol area has the different cars that the pups use in the show, and a slide which looks like the Paw Patrol control tower, my only criticism if anything is that this area could of had a tiny bit more.

The Teenage Turtle area, had a ride, a soft play area and a 4d film! The 4d film was great, it was just long enough to keep small kids entertained.

The Sponge Bob area had a boat ride, which kids can get a boat driving license from, and also several arcade style games.

There was a cafe in the main section and also some more arcade style games.

We spent about 2 and half hours there and will definitely visit again.


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