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Oxygen Free Jumping

Updated: Jan 7

We went to Oxygen Free Jumping, an activity Park in Croydon. They have several different locations so you can check if there is one near to you. Elijah and his friend had a really good time.

The location that we went to has recently been revamped, and now consists of lots of interconnected trampolines, a huge airbag to jump on, climbing walls, dodgeball courts, an inflatable structure and also a soft play area for ages 0-5.

The cost varies depending on what type of session you book, we booked a 60 minute session for £15.00 each, however, Lige advised me that he would have liked longer. The 90 minute free jumping session is £19.50. There is no difference between the adult and child costs which is a bit unusual, and I cannot see an option where someone can buy a spectator ticket if they don’t want to jump but rather just bring the kids.

There is also the opportunity to book sensory sessions, and there are party packages.

There is a separate fee for the climbing wall, I do not think that this was advertised clearly on the website as I was unaware until we got there. When Lige saw the wall he did want to do the climbing so was a bit disappointed.

Staff were really friendly, we got there a bit late and so would have missed out on some of the session, but they rebooked us into the next slot without any issue.

In the time we were there, Lige made use of the trampolines, he also enjoyed the inflatable and qued up (it was a short que) several times to jump on the air bag.

There was a café that parents could sit at while the session was on, or you can eat at after and it was quite reasonably priced

Our verdict is it is a really fun experience, I think price wise it is a little bit pricy especially if you have more than one child, but definitely a good once in a while treat.


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