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Spain (Costa Brava) hotel review!!!

So Elijah was 2 when the first lockdown began, we had been on one small trip to Germany pre lockdown, but he does not remember it. Therefore, to Elijah this is his first big trip outside the country. We went to Costa Brava (Spain) for four nights. I used the website to book the holiday, this made life easier, as I could book the hotel, flights and transfers all on one site. For the most part was easy to use, our flights were with #Vueling. My only real issue with them is that I specifically booked Elijah a window seat there and back, on the way there he didn't get it automatically, although I did managed to speak to someoone and sort something out. Part of the excitement of a child getting on a plane for the first time is going to be looking out the window so that would have really put a dampener on his flight.

We stayed at Evenia Olympic Resort (#eveniaolympicresort), this hotel scored 4 on trip advisor and had quite good reviews, so we expected good things. There were some hits and def some misses. Elijah had a good time though, and keeps saying he is living 'sweet life' (no idea where that phrase is from lol).

OK first things first, the room was nice enough, we got a family room that could sleep up to 4 people. (The deal we got, it was similar price to a smaller room). It worked out to be a bedroom and living room with the sofa folding out into a double bed. Elijah gave it his thumbs up.

We were all inclusive which mean all food and drinks were included. There was a bar open all the time that you could get drinks from, which was nice but some of the alcohol did taste really watered down. We found the meal times quite limiting, breakfast was 8-10, lunch was 1- 2.30 and dinner was 6- 9. It was advertised that there were 4 restaurants but there was only 1 buffet one open which meant when it was closed there was no where else to eat on site. The restaurant served roughly the same food for lunch and dinner EVERY DAY. Me and Lige ventured out and ate else where because really how can you just eat the same thing for lunch and dinner every day.

Then the pools, this was a source of disapointmtnet for Elijah. There were several outdoor ones, and they were beautiful, but they were not heated and at this time of year were literally impossible to swim in. We used the indoor pool everyday, which was warm, but much less aesthetically pleasing and obviously Lige was disappointed that he didn't get to go on the outside pool slides.

There was also a Spa and gym which had various facilities, such as a sauna, jacuzzi etc. Kids over 6 can attend this. I actually got a free pass to the spa from the manager because a rude member of staff did not want to give me some towels one day. I did not end up using the spa myself but I did view the facilities and it looked really nice.

Overall staff were friendly except for the one I mentioned regarding the towels. However, some were not particularly knowledgeable, I asked one about excursions and was told to go to the beach and try and book something. I have never known a hotel not to try and help or offer information about trips and excursions.

The location of the hotel is in a residential area, and about 20 to 25 minute walk from the beach. The road to the beach has lots of restaurants and a big arcade that Elijah really enjoyed. The beach itself is a pebble beach, not a sandy beach so make note of that.

Overall, we had a good time but I do not think I would book this hotel again, as the pool and the all inclusive issue was a bit of a deal breaker for me. Lige on the other hand said it's 'sweet life' and he would def go again!


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