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Studio Art Cafe

We did something a little bit different and went to a cafe in Putney called Studio Art Cafe. The cafe address is: 114 Upper Richmond Road, Putney, SW15 2SP

We did a Fluid Art Bear Workshop, and we had a really good time, there are different art sessions to choose from. The bear session that we chose ranges in price from £20.99 to £119.00 per person depending on the size of the bear that you choose.

Elijah really likes art and anything thats messy, so he loved it, they give you an apron and gloves and let you pick out your colours. I would advise that you wear clothes that you do not mind getting messy.

The staff were really friendly and helpful, they gave little tips, like when we chose the colours, they mentioned to Elijah that his colours were very similar and so might blend too much. However, they balanced their help with still letting us get on with the activity ourselves.

Once we completed the activitiy, we also had some cakes and I had a coffee, that was a little pricy, but I can verify that they were nice and Elijah really enjoyed his cake.

They also offer paper and colours so the kids can do drawings while you have a coffee which was nice.

Once you complete the activities you need to leave your artwork to dry for a few days and then you come back to pick it up.

Overall I would definitely recommend it as something a bit different, and our finished products were really nice.


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