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BBC Earth Experience

So we headed to the BBC Earth Experience.

First things first, the exhibition is in Earls Court, the closest tube stations are West Brompton and Earls Court.

Ticket prices vary slightly dependent on the time and day that you attend, but for Elijah and I, my ticket cost £23.50 and Elijah's cost £15.00, therefore, it is not the cheapest day out.

I am a bit torn about this exhibition, due to the size of the building and all the adverts I saw I thought there was more to the exhibition than what there is. It is essentially one really large room with a couple of break out rooms. The main room has huge screens located throughout the room and visitors can sit either on bean bags, the floor, or on some seating around the edge of the room. The exhibition runs the theme of the seven continents and shows footage of wildlife from each continent. Due to the screens being all around you and David Attenborough's voice playing throughout the experience, if you are able to you could sit down to watch the experience and get a bit lost in it.

I think it is suitable for kids maybe 8+, I found that even though Elijah really likes animals his attention span was a little short for this experience. We went into the break out rooms which had some slightly interactive screens but I definitely think more could have been done in these breakout areas.

Overall it was not Elijah's favourite experience, and I think it was a bit costly for what they had on display.


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