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Kid Space Croydon

This week our adventures took us to Kid Space in Croydon, its a really large indoor adventure park. It has a huge climbing structure, a toddler village, go carts, a climbing wall, and thunder ball city area.

First things first, costs:

Children under one are free, children under three are between £8.99 and £9.50, children under 12 are between £12.99 and £13.50 and adults are between £4.50 and £5.50, the difference in the cost is dependent on if it is a weekday or weekend booking. There are also discounts for children with disabilities and their carers go free. These booking costs are for slots booked in advanced, for walk in costs please check the website ( as those costs varied a bit more. The booking covers a two hour slot.

Its a really big space with lots to do, the two hours flew by. Elijah tried out the go karting, the wall and the thunder ball city area and was impressed with all of them. His only slight irritation was how long he had to que for the wall. Only two children can climb at any one time so in peak periods the wait can be a bit long (well long in the eyes of a 5 year old!).

The toddler village is for under 5's and so whilst I did not take Elijah in there I had a look in and it is a really good size, as opposed to some places that I have been to where the toddler area is very small and the kids can get bored.

If parents are not going around on the course with the children, then there is a cafe that they can wait in, it serves, burgers, chips, pizza's, nacho's, hotdags and hot and cold drinks. The cafe was very reasonably priced.

If you do not want to eat there, then kid space is located in a complex where there are several other places to eat and drink including McDonalds and KFC. Also parking is free! This is a huge bonus for a London outing.

Overall we had a really good day, and do plan to visit again in the near future.


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