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London Aquarium

So we visited London Aquarium! We had a really good time, such a good time in fact that we visited it twice. The first time we went was on a Saturday and the second time was on a week day. I found it much quieter in the week and we actually got through it much quicker than when we attended on the Saturday (which can be a could thing or a bad thing depending on what else you have planned for the day)

We booked our tickets in advance, due to Covid restrictions and the attraction trying to keep an eye on numbers I do not think you can just turn up without booking.

Our tickets were not cheap! It is £27.00 for an adult ticket, £24.50 for a child ticket (children are ages 3-15), and infants 2 and under are free. You have to book a time slot, but they did not seem too strict on that so don’t worry if you end up running late, and on one of the days I had to reschedule I sent them an email and they were very accommodating.

So how was the actual day, well Lige had a really good time, there was so much for him to see I think he needed the two visits so that he could take it all in.

When you first enter the aquarium after the ticket check, there is a glass floor with fish swimming underneath it that you have to walk over to get to the aquarium. Lige loved it and jumped straight on it, but I did see a few more cautious kids need some coaxing before they would entertain stepping on the glass.

After you make it through that you have to travel down quite a few stairs to get to the start of the aquarium. There was a lift though so don’t worry if you have a pram, although sometimes there was a bit of a que for it.

Once you get into the aquarium itself you generally follow a course and go to different displays until you get to the end of it. There was so much to see that your kids are bound to have questions, so be prepared for an extensive question and answer session!

The aquarium is split into different sections, such as Antarctica, the rainforest etc. Much of the aquarium is looking at the different displays, but there are a few interactive sections including the opportunity to touch a starfish! Also, located randomly throughout the aquarium are little places kids can crawl into so they can see the exhibit from a different angle, they also make good photo opportunities so look out for them.

The gift shop is located in a way, that you cannot leave the premises without going through the shop. There were lots of souvenirs to chose from and they ranged from fun to educational and also varied in price so everyone should be able to find something.

There was not many food options for a young child so I would recommend bringing a packed lunch. Overall we had a really good day, and would definitely recommend it as a family day out.


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