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London Transport Museum

This weeks adventure saw us at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden.

The biggest issue I had is that an adult needs an annual pass to attend. I do not understand the purpose of this, as how many times am I really going to realistically visit this museum in a year?? Anyway, the annual pass is £24.00, and kids go free.

The annual ticket has different prices for the following:

  • Concessions - £23

  • Local Resident - £18

  • Universal Credit and Pension Credit - £1

Concession = those aged 60+, students and people with disabilities.

You need to book a slot to attend, there is no further cost for this. When we attended, those who had not booked a slot were in a long que, so I do recommend that you do this online in advance.

When we first arrived, the staff at the desk gave Elijah a card with lots of numbers on it, and the idea is you go around to the different exhibitions and get stamps on the numbers and by the end of the visit your card should be full. Elijah enjoyed this, and it added a fun element to going around the exhibitions.

The museum was spread over two floors, and as well as just being able to look at the different buses, carriages and trains you are able to go on some of them and see what they were like. This made the experience a bit more interactive and therefore enjoyable especially to younger visitors.

The museum was smaller than I expected, but it is spread over two floors and when you get there you go up to floor two and work your way down. The top floor had a few carriages and some display cases so can be done quite quickly. The ground floor has a bit more items, including some trains and a old route master double decker that you actually go on.

There are also some interactive points like a train driving experience and then there was a small play area for children.

There is a cafe that was quite reasonably priced and you are allowed to bring your own food on the premises.

The whole museum can be viewed in about an hour and a half, and whilst I think it was a good experience I do not think that £24.00 for an adult is justified. I know that it has been billed as repeat entry but I do not think there is enough of a display for me to want to see it several times in one year.

Elijah's thoughts:

I'm unsure how to rate this, as I think it is worth a one off viewing. However, I do not think a yearly pass makes any sense. Therefore, I paid £24.00 for one viewing and I cannot recommend that for anyone.


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