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The Science Museum

Firstly, this was free! By this point in the summer holidays, free is what we need!

Although, it is free you will need to go online to book your ticket. There are also different exhibits that may be of interest to you, so make sure you check the website first before you go.

The museum is open everyday from 10am – 6pm. The closest tube station is South Kensington, the museum is a 5 minute walk from there.

Ok so I found that there was lots to see at the museum, and I could easily spend a couple of hours just looking at things. However, being that I was with a 5 year old I felt that lots of parts of the museum were not interactive enough, which meant sometimes it was a bit of a struggle to hold Elijah’s attention. I think older children, who have a better understanding of science would be interested in these exhibits.

There was an area in the basement of the museum called ‘The Garden’, this area is for 3-6 year olds, and Elijah did enjoy this bit. There is water play there, to help children understand floating and sinking, and different ways to make sounds and music. Elijah spent quite a bit of time in this area.

There are trails that you can go on around the museum which helped to engage Elijah, especially in parts that were not interactive. I knew to ask staff about this because I had read about it before I went, but they do not seem widely advertised so do ask when you go.

One issue I had was the layout of the building, it was a bit difficult to negotiate, and I felt it for parents with prams as the lifts were very busy so they were having to stand around for ages before the lift came, and then it was a bit complicated because the lifts are programmed to go to random floors. I understand that it is an old building but this is a bit of a downer.

There was food available, it was a bit pricey, we bought a packed lunch and they did have a designated picnic area that we could eat at.

Overall, we had a good day, I do think the museum could do with a little bit of an update, but it is also a good experience, especially for older children.


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